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At my age life is both fun and stressful, as of right now i will never be this young again but i want to remember my favorite parts of my life and this is exactly how i’m going to do it. I have been raised by a very outspoken family who taught me to say how i feel and stand up for what i believe in but they also told me to follow my  dreams and to pursue an audience for my passions… Therefore i created this blog i wanted something that could be my voice when i’m not being heard and my creative outlet when i just want to express my artsy side.


My side of the family

I am by far a professional in the field of blogging however i love to write and i love to learn and talk about everything from controversial topics to the newest lipstick shades from NYX, so if you are ready for an utterly random selection of reads then why not follow my blog? if you have a WordPress account you simply need to push the button ->  if you don’t have an account then, why not? its great fun and when you do you can follow this blog along with like-minded people and become part of a community. Not to mention signing up will enable you to receive notifications via email whenever i post so you don’t have to fear missing out 🙂


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