Girl Talk 101/Ep,3 Consent

Girl Talk 101

Episode 3 Consent

 main consent

What is consent?

Consent is when someone agrees, gives permission or says yes to sexual activities. Consent must always be given freely and all people in sexual situations must feel like they are able to say “yes” “no” and “Stop” at any point leading up to or during all sexual activities.


When should consent be given?

There must be a clear exchange of willing consent every time you are about to engage in something sexual. Its important to know that if you agree to kissing or touching of a sexual nature this does not obligate you to agree to anything more, and you can and should always say No or Stop if you do not want to continue.

Its important to know that consent can only be given by those who are of legal age to be engaging in sexual activities, doing so with someone under the age of consent for someone in your country or in the us- states then you are willingly breaking the law and this will be classed as statutory rape and or sexual assault on a minor.


How do I determine when consent has been given?

In order to determine if someone is giving you consent you must be able to answer these two questions…

  1. Does the person want to give consent? If someone WANTS to consent they will not be in a position where they are being persuaded, encouraged or forced to say yes.
  2. Is the person capable of giving consent? Are they awake? Sober? Substance free? and in a calm healthy state of mind, if someone’s judgement is jeopardised by any of the above the answer is no! if after asking yourself these questions and you have answered either of them with a NO then all sexual activities should be stopped until both questions can be answered yes.

Lastly if you are ever in confused or in doubt to whether or not consent is being given simply STOP and ask. It’s also extremely important that if the person you are with says no or asks you to stop you Must stop immediately it’s not a game or someone playing hard to get it means they don’t wish to engage any further and should you continue you will be in breach of the law and it will be classed as sexual assault or rape.

Last few pointsconsent

  • You are perfectly within your right to change your mind about taking part in sexual activities
  • If someone continues any sexual acts after you have expressed you do not want to GET OUT, leave the situation immediately for your safety.
  • If you are a victim of sexual abuse or rape REPORT IT! It will be difficult but the sooner you report it after the incident the more effective an investigation will be.

To finish off this topic

If you are wish to be sexual with someone else who is legally old enough to consent to sex, they are sober, alert, is substance free and you have both exchanged willing and eager consent then enjoy your sexy time! Be safe and enjoy the magic!


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